Sunday Night Blues…

Sunday Night Blues. A phrase that is perhaps familiar to you? It describes the feeling that begins to creep over you as the day plays itself out.

It used to be the feeling you had at about 5:30pm when you heard The Antiques Roadshow’s theme tune and realised that you had not done any of your homework.  Often, you were sat at a grandparent’s house eating ham and cucumber sandwiches and eating bakewell tart.

Now it refers to that moment on a Sunday when you realise that the weekend has escaped you and the Monday is making an appearance on the horizon. It’s the sense of loss at having to put the carefree, playful part of yourself away and having to become a sensible adult once again.

I used to think that it was only teacher’s who experienced this especially as I still have the ‘Oh no! I haven’t done my homework moment.’ Lately, I have realised that many people experience it and in a way it makes me rather sad to think that as adults we have not grown out of that childhood dread of Monday.

Surely Monday is a day just like any other? Yes, it happens to fall after a weekend but why do we put ourselves through the stress every week? It’s not as if we don’t know it’s coming.

Sunday night used to be a time that I would hide away in my house, as if locking myself away would mean that it would last longer as if I could hold onto the last few hours of freedom much more successfully by sitting on my sofa and staring intently at the television with a cup of tea.

This year following on from my uncle’s outlook ‘The life that you have is all that i have..’ I have decided that Sunday night is now a time to socialise, to smile, to laugh, to enjoy myself. I know it may be revolutionary but shall we just give up on our childhood hang up about Sunday night?

Monday doesn’t have to be about being mournful and grumpy. it doesn’t have to be about lamenting the fact that there is so long until the next weekend.

I realise I am unlikely to convert many. I know there is a part of each of us who enjoys the moaning and the ‘Urgh Monday’ sentiment.

Here’s a thought, how about we spend less time trying to be sensible adults and segregating our lives into work and play and attempt to be a little more playful and fun during the week? Shocking isn’t it, that I would even suggest such a thing? Imagine what would happen if people smiled at you on your commute or your colleagues were jovial when you arrived at work on a Monday morning?

It’s a simple idea, a slightly playful blog post today but maybe I am simply attempting to practise what I preach 😉


About Louise

30 something teacher, wife, christian, Loves singing, baking, cats, encouragement, sunsets, walks, the sea, reading, smiling, laughing, being around people.
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2 Responses to Sunday Night Blues…

  1. kirstyhayme says:

    I know what you mean here. I used to get extremly depressed on a Sunday evening at the thought of having to face Monday. It’s similar to the feeling that you get when you come back from a holiday and know that you have to go to work the next day. I try to be more optimistic these days and think about all the good things that the new week will bring.

    • loukachu says:

      I think that’s the best way to look at things – I also just look at one day at a time rather than a whole week as it can get overwhelming. Sometimes even hour by hour if it’s an especially tough day!

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